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Guided tour services around Bardenas Reales in Navarra and Moncayo


The guided tours around Bardenas and Moncayo include not only physical activity, but also an interpretation of the natural environment. Suitable for all types of visitors. Dynamic, educational and highly entertaining.

We place at your disposal our professional Bardenas guide service, who will escort you on your trips and excursions to the Bardenas Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, so you can benefit from all our knowledge and experience.

Tours in Mercedes Viano People Carriers

Exclusive service for groups- 6 people maximum.

The Bardenas Natural Park and Moncayo tailored to your specific needs. We offer these visits on an exclusive basis for bird watching, photography, or just to enjoy amazing areas and wonderful views. You can identify birds, plant and animal wildlife, with an expert Bardenas guide.

Transport is provided in comfortable Mercedes Viano people carriers, assuring a pleasant journey and good views.

Coach Groups

For organised groups visiting the Bardenas Natural Park and Moncayo in their own coach requiring a guide to accompany them on their visit around Bardenas or Moncayo.


3 hour visit €242
4 hour visit €260

Price calculated on the basis of an average group size of 45/50 people.

If you wish, we can arrange a bus or minibus for your visit: For groups requiring the convenience of not having to drive inside the National park, we offer a Bardenas guide as well as arranging the rental of a bus or minibus, which will pick you up at your accommodation and show you around the Bardenas Biosphere Reserve.


For groups wishing to do hiking routes in the Bardenas Natural park and Biosphere Reserve or Moncayo.

We provide guides who will accompany you and help you design the best itineraries for each group.

Outings every day, minimum group size 4 people.

€25 per person.
Groups from 7 people: €22 per person.

Guide service for groups.
Groups from 10 to 15 people: €190 for the group.
Groups from 16 to 25 people: €215 for the group.
Groups from 26 to 35 people: €230 for the group.
Groups over 35 people: €245 for the group.

Guided for groups
  1. Guided for groups
  2. Guided for groups
  3. Guided for groups
  4. Guided for groups

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Bardenas Reales Biosphere Reserve in Navarra.

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