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Paseo en segway por las Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Bardenas Reales Natural Park (Navarra)

A unique landscape that you can visit with a guide on a Segway

Southwest of Navarra lies the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, a unique semi-desert area covering 42,500 hectares that, despite its bare, inhospitable appearance, holds great natural assets. Within it there are three natural reserves.

Water, limestone and clay have carved spectacular shapes that will transport you to a world of almost lunar appearance, scattered with ravines, flat plateaus and solitary hilltops.

Its fanciful formations and disquieting barrenness were a source of inspiration for painters and writers, in addition to which it was a refuge for bandits and other legendary characters.

It has likewise been used as a location for TV spots and films including Airbag, Mutant Action, The Pride and the Passion, and The World is Not Enough. All of this makes it a unique destination to discover on a SEGWAY.

Natural Park Areas

  • The Plano, arable land with gentler terrain.
  • The Bardena Blanca, the most photographed spot, characterised by its eroded hilltops, dry ravines and steppe-like appearance. On its lower part there is a Firing Range, which explains the military planes flying over it.
  • The Bardena Negra, a darker terrain where the only pine woods in the area coexist with scrublands.

Natural Reserves

  • Vedado de Eguaras, an oasis to the north of the territory, where the ruins of Peñaflor Castle still stand.
  • Rincón del Bu (Bardena Blanca), spreading over 460 hectares, with sheer rock faces where the Eagle Owl makes its home.
  • Reserva Natural de Caídas de la Negra (Bardena Negra), covering 1,926 hectares, with 270 metre differences in altitude.

Animal and Plant Wildlife

Eagles, vultures, owls, Great Bustards, foxes, wild cats, genets, amphibians and reptiles will keep you company across this vast expanse of scrub, rosemary, shrubby Russian thistle, salt marshes and esparto grass, where temperatures can be extreme.

Viewing Points

Stopping at the exceptional viewing points, like Alto de Aguilares, is a privilege that affords the most comprehensive panoramic view of the Bardena Blanca, or Balcón de Pilatos, an exceptional observatory for birds of prey. Ride a SEGWAY around unforgettable enclaves, such as Castildetierra and Pisquerra (Bardena Blanca), with their spectacular formations.

Bandits and Legends

The Bardenas Reales is an unusual and varied natural landscape that will not leave you indifferent. This was the domain of famous bandits like Sanchicorrota. Legend has it that his horse had its shoes fitted back to front to throw pursuers off his track. You too can lose yourself in this unique enclave, and take the opportunity to discover the Ribera Navarra area as well.

Bardena Blanca
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