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Guided Segway Tours around the Moncayo

Discover the Moncayo Natural Park on a Segway. A unique experience!

Segway Excursions around Moncayo Natural Park (Zaragoza)


Duration: One and a half hours.

Price: €55 per person.


Duration: Two and a half hours.

Price: €75 per person.

Option C: Segway tour with lunch.

Duration: Two hours with lunch at El Molino de Berola restaurant (Vera de Moncayo) / (before or after the tour)

Price: €65

No of People: we run guided tours for a minimum of two people.

Description: The village of Litago, where NATAVEN has its facilities, is the starting point for the tours, after a few minutes’ training on how to ride a Segway. We will then travel on tracks that will take us, depending on the excursion selected, across, oak, pine, shrub oak forests, riverside vegetation, and open bush and scrub areas, where you can enjoy splendid landscapes and panoramic views of the Moncayo mountain range or watch different species of birds, mammals, etc., as well as an exuberant vegetation.

- If you have any suggestions on things that you would like to do or experience on our guided tours around Moncayo, let us know and we will consider them.

All our tours around Moncayo are conducted by professional, qualified park guides, who will provide a running commentary on the local plant and animal wildlife, geology, history and traditions of these privileged locations. It is not just a Segway route, but an all-round experience in contact with nature, full of sensations that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Ruta en segway por el Parque Natural Moncayo (Zaragoza)
  1. Excursión en segway entre las hayas del Moncayo
  2. Segway tour Moncayo
  3. Segway tour Moncayo 2
  4. Excursión en segway entre las hayas del Moncayo 2
  5. Segway tour Moncayo 3
  6. Segway tour Moncayo 4

Moncayo Natural Park

Useful Information

Segway® Transporter XT ready to handle any terrain.

What is a Segway?

General Information

Using a Segway
It takes very little time to learn how to use a Segway. With a few simple instructions and a few minutes of practice, you will have mastered the basic skills required for the excursion.

Clothes and Pannier
On the guided tours, the Segways are fitted with a pannier where you can carry all the things you will need. The selection of suitable clothing for the tour is directly related to the season of the year in which the tour around the Bardenas will take place. During hot periods you are advised to wear light clothing (shorts, tank top, etc.); during cold periods make sure to bring warm clothes (gloves, fleece jacket etc.). You should wear comfortable footwear.

All BARDENAS REALES tours are conducted by a guide who leads the way and provides instruction on the use of the Segway. The guide will also provide a running commentary on the various aspects – nature, history, geography, applicable legislation, use and exploitation, animal and plant wildlife – of the Natural Park and the places you will visit on the tour.

Insurance Cover Passenger injury insurance. Civil liability insurance. Rescue and assistance insurance (up to €600,000).

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